About Us

DECKPLANN Ltd is a project management & event production firm. It was founded to go beyond the conformist definition of success on projects embarked on; this value-driven approach affirms a good return on investment (R.O.I) for our clients and partners.
We seek to enrich African organisations’ communication of their brands, visions & goals, through comprehensive & reverent public engagement. With the above, we partner with the said African organisations to further develop their good corporate citizenship into more impactful corporate citizenship; all within allocation.
Our work & ethics are driven by a long standing and deep passion for Programme Management (Planning and implementation of Social Betterment Programmes), seeing us execute our duties with care, precision and heightened attention to clients’ & beneficiaries’ needs and expectations.

Our Vision:

To be a thriving African company, that effectively participates in societal efficiency.

Our Mission:

To be among the key drivers of economic elevation, social betterment & service delivery excellence.

Concept creation

Bespoke & highly creative approach.

Planning & Logistics

Highly Efficient forecasting, scheduling & workplan development.

Partner acquisition

Insightful identification, approach, pitching & reeling in of all essential partners.


Roll-out / implementation of polished elements.


The "crown-jewels" of jobs handled by DECKPLANN. Go right ahead, click the thumbnails to view.


A Music Album Launch by The Boys Choir of Kenya.


An IMG Reliance Ltd (India) showcase at UNEA-2019.

Jameson Connects 2018,

Project Team Member

An Annual Event, Driven by Homeboyz Radio


Organisation's Fun-Day


For Pro-bono Law Service


An Inmate Rehabilitation Programme


A Pool Tournament


A World Environment Day Showcase

East Africa Pioneer DJ Convention

East African DJ Industry Convention



Our strong belief in curating the most impactful social betterment programmes and thrilling social experiences has gotten our work documented across various media. We're happy to walk you through a few of these media mentions. Do click the thumbnails to view them.

Deckplann are exceptional in project planning and execution. I am always assured of great results when dealing with them. Their unique proposition is the convergence of technology, professionalism and efficiency. Deckplann consistently deliver excellent client experience. I gladly and warmly recommend them to you.

From conceptualization to execution, Deckplann gave excellent service & support on Makini Awards Programme. We had a wonderful working experience with them & look forward to working together again in consecutive as well as other projects; seeing as they engage with us on big & small events alike, like our annual end-of-year dinners.

Alongside bespoke cutting-edge fashion, we also drive change-causing activism aimed at lessening the fashion industry's environmental footprint. Deckplann is a great partner in driving this agenda; especially as they have handled all showcase concepts & logistics since our inception. It is an absolute pleasure working with them.


Take a closer look at our affiliates & the great work we partner in.

Nafisika Trust

Inmate Rehabilitation

Nafisika Trust is a Prison rehabilitation programme designed to provide programmes focused on behavioural change and economic empowerment to inmates while in prison. We help bring out the potential that lies dormant in young people behind bars.

The Boys Choir of Kenya

A choral ensemble of talented boys

With Boys drawn from high schools & Colleges around Kenya, the choir is dedicated to moulding a world-class choral outfit that nurtures their talents in Music, dance, and drama while imparting life principles of discipline, perseverance, persistence and determination.


Distinct Eco-friendly Fashion

A youth driven fashion design house constituting of HenryWanjala, Luchi Designs and Deckplann Ltd. Whilst engaging in both couture and ready-to-wear fashion, our core focus is being one of the proponents of lessening the environmental degradation footprint of the fashion industry.


Our most recent clients; all of them, all smiles.


A Global Association of Airlines

IMG Reliance

A Leading India-based Joint Venture.

Homeboyz Radio

A Leading Kenyan Radio Station


Working with you towards "the vision", is an experienced & astute unit of passionate innovators, who derive immense gratification from highest attainment of client's vision. We rest not, until it's achieved. Our metrics thus far are:

1st tier Beneficiaries reached by
Social Betterment Programmes5,133
From intimate to large events,
audience capped off at over . . .3,000
Years of Operational Experience10

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